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CBD EducationWhat is water soluble Nano CBD and why is it important?

What is water soluble Nano CBD and why is it important?


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Everywhere you look these days water soluble or Nano CBD is being sold.  I’ve even seen beer makers infusing their latest formulations with it! But what is it and why does it matter?

Basically, it has to do with the way your body works at breaking down what you put inside it.  When CBD is infused into a carrier oil, the body must digest that carrier oil first before it can even address the CBD droplets.  The reason for this is that CBD droplet particles are much smaller than the carrier oil and for that reason your body digests it AFTER the larger carrier oil particles.  In short, the CBD particles enter your bloodstream LAST.  Water soluble Nano CBD has the ability to change that equation.

What is Nano CBD?

Nano Emulsification is a scientific process that breaks down the particle size of a formulation on a molecular level.  When this process is applied to a formulation of CBD droplets and carrier oil, the result is a reduction in size of the particles in both the CBD and the carrier oil.  The nano- emulsion process unlocks the CBD and carrier oil so that they can become nano-sized (much smaller) and water soluble. 

Why is Nano CBD important?

These smaller nano-sized water soluble particles have the unique ability to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream and are easily transferred into your small intestine instead of being filtered through your lymph system first.  This direct route super-charges the effects and the speed at which the product enters and absorbs into your body.  Kind of cool, right?

Many doctors and health care professionals believe that water soluble formulations are the preferred method of ingesting health supplements these days based on the higher absorption levels and ability of these products to enter directly into the blood stream and small intestine.  The results for people, including myself and my daughter, have been dramatic and positive!  We love having choices when it comes to our daily CBD routine!!

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Written by PureOneCBD.

July 2020