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CBD EducationWhat is the best CBD Oil strength and serving size for me?

What is the best CBD Oil strength and serving size for me?


CBD oil strength and serving size…the 411

Trying to make a decision about which strength CBD product to buy?  Let’s clear out the confusion so that you can make an informed choice regarding potency.

Your personal wellness is extremely important and making choices when there are so many factors (flavor, potency, bottle size, different products) can be confusing for sure.  The aspect of potency for CBD products is one factor that is pretty straight-forward thank goodness! 


As a rule, the higher the mg, the stronger (and more expensive) the product.  For example, let’s compare the PureOneCBD Tropical Orange Nano Tincture 1000mg and the PureOneCBD Mint Nano Tincture 300mg.  Both bottles are the 30ml size, but the Tropical Orange is over 3X stronger than the Mint.  That means you would need to take 3 doses of the Mint to match the effects of one dose of the Tropical Orange.  Also, keep in mind you may not need to take as much with the more potent product, therefore, while it may be more expensive, it also may last longer.

Serving Size

While researchers have not determined the exact serving size for CBD products yet, there are some general guidelines and factors to consider when determining the perfect serving size for your personal well-being.  Keep in mind, however, your optimal serving size might not be the same as someone else based on the factors we will discuss.  First you want to consider your:

  • Metabolism
  • Sex
  • Height
  • Weight

Next, you’ll want to consider your reason for taking CBD because this plays a major role in strength you will need:

For example, let’s consider a 5’5” female with normal metabolism who weighs 150 lbs.  A standard CBD serving size might look something like this:

  • 15-20mg: Low Strength
  • 45-50mg: Medium Strength
  • 90-100mg: High Strength

A Final Word about Strength and Serving Size

If you are new to CBD, it is typically recommended to start low and go slow.  Gradually and slowly increasing the serving size until the desired effects are reached is always the best route.  I started my own daughter with one dropper (10mL) of a 300mg broad spectrum tincture once a day.  We found the sweet spot for her with one dropper of a 500mg broad spectrum tincture once a day, but as I said, everyone is different and the dose and strength may change based on the person taking the product.

Written by PureOneCBD July 2020