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CBD EducationU.S. grown Hemp is simply the best!

U.S. grown Hemp is simply the best!


US grown hemp is second to none. And here’s why:

Hemp is an extremely unique plant.  Did you know that it has the ability to purify and clean the surrounding soil where it is grown?  Well, it’s true!  Many years ago, Hemp was planted at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site in an effort to pull radioactive material from the surrounding land after the meltdown.  While Hemp has the amazing ability to clean the soil where it grows, keep in mind that it also absorbs and holds in the toxins that it has cleaned from the earth.

a       Growing Hemp

Hemp is one of the hardiest plants on the planet and it requires little to no use of harsh herbicides or pesticides for it to flourish in proper conditions.  However, the quality of hemp-based products is directly correlated to the quality of the soil in which it was grown.  Because the soil greatly affects the quality of the final CBD products, it is essential to buy products where the hemp is grown is quality soil.  U.S. grown hemp and the CBD products that come from it are, in many cases, not even comparable to what some other countries, such as China, are producing.  When hemp is cultivated overseas, we really have no knowledge about soil conditions or the use of poisonous chemicals that have been applied to the plant before harvest.  With the introduction of the U.S. Farm Bill in 2018, the U.S. implemented strict guidelines for growing and cultivating hemp in the U.S.  No other country has such guidelines regarding growth, sampling, testing procedures and cultivation measures.  At PureOneCBD, we work with domestic organic farms in Kentucky and Oregon where the soil is nutrient rich and free from chemicals.  Our farmers operate under the strictest guidelines so that they can be registered with the FDA for consistency, potency and purity and our products are also always certified Organic and Non-GMO. 

PureOne CBD  Third Party Lab Testing

Reputable CBD companies always have their products tested at a 3rd party lab to ensure the potency and purity of their products.  Third party lab testing in NOT required by law in the U.S., so if a company is conducting outside testing, they are going above and beyond to ensure quality and purity.  With the transparency associated with 3rd party testing, these are the companies you can trust for high quality CBD products.  Many CBD companies house copies of the lab results on their website so that their customers can review them before making a decision.  Lab tests are generally known as “COA’s” which is short for “Certificate of Analysis” and they include information regarding the presence or lack of toxic agents such as pesticides or heavy metals.  These reports also include information related to the amount of THC and CBD contained within the CBD oil. 


This is a big word in the U.S. CBD industry and generally why U.S. CBD is the best!  Our government has developed standards and guidelines for our farmers to follow and they register facilities with the FDA that meet or exceed them.  Reputable U.S. CBD companies have their products tested at an independent laboratory and display those result proudly on their websites for potential customers to view and analyze.  In a nutshell, the quality of the CBD product is a direct reflection of the quality and care that went into the cultivation of the hemp.  In the U.S. we follow guidelines that other countries do not and we display the proof in the form of independent lab testing along with our products.     

Written by PureOneCBD July 2020.