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CBD EducationThe Amazing Effects of CBD on Inflammation

The Amazing Effects of CBD on Inflammation

CBD and Inflammation

Our body’s natural defense mechanism to injury sometimes results in inflammation that if left unchecked, can lead to a whole host of diseases and disorders.  Epilepsy, arthritis, and anxiety are just a few examples of where inflammation can worsen symptoms and make things worse.  Current research shows that CBD has incredible potential to treat inflammation through multiple pathways in our bodies.

CBD is a powerful anti- inflammatory compound that doesn’t get you high (like THC)!  CBD has the capability of fighting inflammation on three different fronts.  CBD has the unique ability to bind to cells causing the inflammation, and this in turn, produces a protein that neutralizes the inflammation.  The second way CBD fights inflammation in our bodies is through stimulation of immune cells.  This organic plant based therapy has been shown to stimulate our immune cells to produce a chemical that controls inflammation and protect the healthy cells…at the same time!  Finally, CBD has the ability to act as a gate or pathway for anti-inflammatory chemicals to interact with the mitochondria in our cells, thus reducing inflammation on the cellular level. 

Inflammation and Pain

Pain is almost always associated with inflammation.  Well, believe it or not, CBD can help our bodies produce receptors that have analgesic effects!  It’s called the capsaicin receptor and it contains a chemical that desensitizes our sensory neurons which, in turn, reduces pain.  CBD also can regulate pain through enabling endocannabinoids to remain in our systems longer and scientists also have found that CBD stimulates serotonin receptors which also have an analgesic effect on our bodies.  CBD is proving to be a powerful pain fighter with tremendous opportunity to assist our bodies natural defense mechanisms in maintaining a healthy balance.   

CBD is an incredible compound with much healing potential!  Reducing pain and inflammation is no problem for a powerhouse like CBD because it supports and stimulates chemicals throughout our bodies to fight back when injury occurs.

As more research is conducted regarding CBD and it’s healing properties, the possibilities to gain benefit from organic plant based therapies such as CBD is limitless! 

Written by PureOneCBD July 2020.