Nano CBD Gummies 300mg


*30- 10mg gummies

*Dosage: 1-3 gummies per day

*Broad Spectrum

*H2O Soluble Formula

*Zero THC

*CO2 Super Critical Extraction

*Nano Technology emulsification for increased absorption into the body

Not all gummies are created equal! Our water-soluble Broad Spectrum Nano CBD oil gummies feature state of the art Nano emulsification technology which increases absorption by up to 4X. The hemp utilized in these products is organically grown right here in America, and you will feel the difference right away! We do not sweeten these gummies with sugar, but rather Xilotal (extracted from birch wood) to make them as healthy and clean as possible. They taste great, and are easy to swallow! All our products are 3rd party tested, 100% natural, grown and produced in the U.S.A. and approved in GMP and FDA registered facilities.
Not recommended for dog consumption.

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