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CBD EducationHow to select the right CBD for your lifestyle

How to select the right CBD for your lifestyle

If you’ve been thinking of trying CBD…Welcome, you’re not alone.

Here’s what you need to know before you make a CBD oil purchase…

In recent years, as more is researched and known about CBD, a spotlight has been placed on the hemp plant as an organic alternative to healing while using toxin free plant-based therapy.  But where do you get it? And what do you need to know to make an informed decision when buying it? 

Where should you purchase CBD?

Most CBD sales occur in an online platform but there are brick and mortar options out there, if that’s what you prefer.  Cannabis dispensaries generally carry CBD with high levels of CBD AND THC.  These products are cultivated from cannabis plants and require a prescription to purchase because they are psychoactive (they get you HIGH).  CBD products that are carried in vape stores, convenience stores, and drug stores do not require a prescription and are cultivated from the hemp plant.  Most folks, however, purchase their hemp based CBD in an online store website such as PureOneCBD and have it shipped to their home.

For the purposes of this article, we will focus on CBD that that is purchased online and has only trace amounts of THC.  This is the type of CBD that is cultivated from the hemp plant.  Hemp cultivated CBD products will NOT get you HIGH and that is why they are covered under the Farm Bill of 2018.  This bill legalized hemp derived CBD on a federal level and established regulations and guidelines to ensure the quality, potency and purity of the hemp plants, as well as, the CBD oil that is extracted from the plants.  So, the next question is, can CBD help you? 

Can CBD help you?

Do you sometimes feel “stressed out” or experience chronic back, knee or foot pain?  Do you have anxiety or want to quit smoking?  Did you know that CBD has the ability to reduce inflammation, inhibit cancer cell growth, AND significantly reduce seizures?  CBD is also a great way to keep your body healthy with organic plant based therapy.  Everyone can benefit from the Magic of CBD!



What types of CBD are there?

Full Spectrum– first level of filtration where trace amounts of THC (less than .3%) remain in the CBD oil.

Broad Spectrum– second level of filtration where the trace amounts of TCH (less than .3%) are REMOVED from the CBD oil.

Broad Spectrum Nano– broad spectrum CBD oil undergoes the nano-emulsification process which renders the product water soluble (no longer oil based)

Isolate– the CBD molecules are scientifically isolated from the other compounds that are contained within the hemp plant.  This form of CBD is a powder and is water soluble but unfortunately, has lost the additional healing properties of the compounds that were isolated away from the CBD.

Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil comes from the seeds of the hemp plant and hemp oil is derived from the fully-grown plant.  Hemp seed oil does not have healing properties because there is no CBD contained within the products and is basically organic cooking oil.  Hemp oil is also much more expensive than hemp seed oil because the harvesting, cultivation and lab testing for CBD purity, potency and quality increases the price of the product.  When making a purchase, make certain that you are purchasing CBD derived from hemp oil and NOT hemp seed oil!

How to you wish to take your CBD?

Vaping– inhaling CBD through a vape pen is the fastest delivery method for your body because it goes straight into your bloodstream.  Unfortunately, you are inhaling smoke into your lungs and that can cause damage in other ways.  Here at PureOneCBD we do not offer any vaping products because vaping does not coincide with our mission.

Tinctures-can be taken sublingually (under the tongue), on food, or with water soluble nano, added to just about any beverage.  This is the second quickest delivery method and the effects can be felt somewhere between 5-15 minutes. 

Capsules-are easy to take anywhere because they are easy as taking a vitamin.  This is the one of the slowest delivery methods with effects being felt anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours after consumption.

Edibles-range from Gummies, Cookies, to Chocolate Bars and more.  The effects are log lasting and may not be felt for 2 hours after consumption. 

Topicals-are lotions, creams, or other skin care products that are applies directly to the skin.  These products don’t make it into the bloodstream but can be beneficial for pain, eczema and acne.

To Sum Things Up

Purchasing quality CBD products online does not have to be confusing if you know what to look for and what products are right for your lifestyle.  It is important to start with a small dose and work your way while being open to trying different types of products until you find the one that is right for your lifestyle.  I use water soluble Nano Tincture Tropical Orange when I am having a glass a juice in the morning, or maybe a Broad Spectrum Gummy or two in the afternoon when I need to focus at work.  When I am traveling, I utilize the Full Spectrum Soft Gel Capsules because they are easy to take anywhere.  At PureOneCBD all our high quality products are 100% organic and derived from hemp oil (not the seeds).  We use the CO2 extraction method and 3rd party test every single product to ensure quality, purity and potency. 


Written by PureOneCBD  July 2020.