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CBD EducationCBD Pills…a perfect way to increase your body’s overall health…but what are they?

CBD Pills…a perfect way to increase your body’s overall health…but what are they?

PureOne CBD    a

As CBD has gained acceptance across the globe, one product has seen a rise in its popularity…CBD Pills.  At PureOneCBD, we refer to CBD Pills as Soft Gel Capsules and we carry two varieties.  The first type is a Full Spectrum (less than .3% THC) at 750mg, and the second type is a Broad Spectrum Nano Soft Gel also at 750mg.  The Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels are 100% Gluten Free and Organic.  These soft gels couldn’t be any purer, with the only added ingredients being distilled water and coconut oil.  Our Nano Soft Gels undergo the nano-emulsification process and are water soluble, which increases the speed and rate of absorption into the body.  Soft Gel Capsules are one of the easiest ways to take CBD because with each dose, you get the same exact measured and you can take them anywhere! 

Benefits of Soft Gel Capsules

The benefits of Soft Gels are the same as any other hemp derived CBD product.  However, everyone’s body is different and the unique thing about CBD is that it interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system to personalize the healing based on where your body needs it most.  Some people feel a sense of relaxation, others feel more focused but one thing is for sure:  hemp derived CBD is Mother Nature’s way of healing and maintaining a healthy body with all organic plant-based therapy.  In summary, some of the benefits of CBD can be listed as:

  • Manage stress
  • Promote quality sleep
  • Reduce inflammation (which causes pain)
  • Increase ability to focus
  • Improve skin health


CBD Soft Gel Capsules are perfect for folks that are on the go but want to reap the benefits that CBD offers.  Keep in mind that consistency is key when taking CBD, and you should take the product each day at the same time.  Soft Gels Capsules are a healthy CBD option when deciding which CBD product is right for you and your family. 

Written by PureOneCBD August 2020.