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CBD EducationCan CBD make my workday a little bit easier?

Can CBD make my workday a little bit easier?

How can CBD make my workday a little bit easier?

Going to work each day can be a real drag, but over 155 million Americans do it every day while climbing the corporate ladder or being successful in their chosen career.  How would you like it if your work day was a bit smoother and more manageable, or if you felt more focused and got more done each day?  That is a no-brainer, right? Well, all natural CBD infused products, such as tinctures or gummies can help and here’s how:

Positivity Plus 

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems facing small and medium sized businesses today is employee burnout.  Let’s face it, if you are working non-stop and burning the candle at both ends, it is hard to stay upbeat!  When stress and anxiety start finding a comfortable place inside your head, you become a disgruntled or angry employee/owner…and that IS NOT GOOD!  CBD can address both anxiety AND stress quite effectively.  Many people, me included, have found relief from daily stressors and work related anxiety producers through CBD infused products.  CBD can significantly reduce the feelings associated with stress and anxiety which enables you to cope with, and conquer, the strain of every day work tension.

No to Caffeine! 

Coffee…a must in the morning!  Coffee does such a great job at waking folks up, they tend to lean into it for a quick pick me up…ALL DAY LONG!!…At least, that’s what I used to do.  Unfortunately, too much coffee is not good for you and can make some people feel jittery or experience a racing heart.  The proper organic CBD products can increase alertness and a sense of wellbeing, thus, replacing your bodies need for caffeine.  For example, a dropper of PureOneCBD  Nano Mint tincture in your coffee in the morning, and a gummy or two in the afternoon can replace those negative effects of caffeine on your body. 

The key is to purchase products that are:

  1. 100% Organic
  2. Utilize CO2 extraction methods
  3. Are processed at GMP and FDA registered facilities
  4. Tested at an independent laboratory for purity and strength

Reducing your caffeine consumption by utilizing CBD products can have tremendous benefits for your body.  Say goodbye to the jitters, the racing heart, and all of the other negative aspects of caffeine and HELLO to the healing power of CBD!

Goodbye Pain 

Lifting heavy object all day can create severe pain in different parts of your body.  CBD products can help to alleviate that pain due their anti-inflammatory properties.  Much of the pain you feel is due to the constant strain on you joints and spine when repeated lift or other strenuous activities are performed at work.  All CBD products are shown to reduce inflammation, however, Full Spectrum products have the trace amounts of THC (less than .3%) intact, which creates the Entourage Effect” therefore, ramping up the pain relief.  Overall, CBD products are great healthy alternatives to pain relief and inflammation.      


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Written by PureOneCBD July 2020