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Current NewsBlack Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter at PureOneCBD

As a new company in the CBD industry, we have a unique and exciting opportunity to support and promote equality and justice for all Americans from day one.  We will never have to examine our policies or adjust our guidelines because the thought processes, beliefs and actions that led our country to its current state will never touch us here.  We will be built on a rejection of those thought processes, beliefs and actions.  That is the pledge we make to all Americans.

As we grow and gain voice within this industry, our mission will be not only to provide the best organic CBD products, but to promote racial equality and justice.  We will consistently be reflective in our own practices, and will seek to help others break down barriers so that the CBD industry can thrive in a positive way that is reflective of a fair and just America.

We see you.  We hear you.  We stand with you.

Black Lives Matter

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Written by PureOneCBD.

June 2020